ORTG Launches

Travel company Mann Link Travel is to launch a new website on Friday 27th June which it hopes will boost the Isle of Man‟s competitive strength as a visitor destination. has been described by CEO Brian Kelly as a 'specialist destination website', with not only all the information the prospective traveller needs to know about the Isle of Man but the facility to make all their travel arrangements – from flights and ferries to accommodation and car hire - in one place.

Brian explains, “ is not just a booking website; it's a destination site tailored exclusively to the Isle of Man. As well as making travel arrangements, you can check out local attractions, events, weather, transport and more. Currently, someone wishing to come to the Isle of Man may have to check out 10 different websites in order to plan their trip, and that blunts the Island‟s competitive edge in an age when time is of the essence and the internet has revolutionised travellers' expectations.

“We saw an opportunity to empower travellers and inspire them to choose the Isle of Man - be it for a family holiday, a weekend break or a business trip – while also helping the Isle of Man to compete more effectively online against other destinations.”

For Mann Link Travel, the longest established travel agent in the Isle of Man, is in keeping with its history of innovation. “Combining rich content
informed by our local knowledge and expertise, with a full search and booking capability, could well be a first in travel,” says Brian. (“a 2-3 year development project”) is also the first of a series of global destination websites planned by Online Regional Travel Group Ltd, the British Islands travel group that operates successfully within the business travel and leisure sectors not only in the Isle of Man but also in Jersey & Guernsey. “If succeeds, we intend to roll out a number of similar sites. Our next priorities for development are and investment in tourism infrastructure in the United Arab Emirates is taking place on a scale unseen anywhere else in the world, and we at ORTG Ltd want to be part of this future.

“The Isle of Man is our home and inspiration and getting right is incredibly important to us and will hopefully be the springboard that allows ORTG Ltd to become a global online travel company. After 36 years in the travel business, this is perhaps the biggest and most exciting challenge to date!”. has been developed with grant support from the Department of Economic Development, which has allowed Mann Link Travel to invest in leading edge technology to complement their own extensive in-house expertise.. Brian comments, “I am delighted that we have been able to deliver a cutting edge website that will have substantial benefits not only to the traveller but to tourism that still plays a vital part in our diverse Island economy.

“Our focus going forward is to promote the Isle of Man proactively, for instance, working closely with the Government‟s tourism arm and attending travel exhibitions in the UK and Ireland, which are our core markets and provide our partners with strong affiliate opportunities.

Above all, we want to concentrate on showcasing the Isle of Man as a unique, affordable visitor destination with multifaceted appeal. W e will never return to the days of mass tourism in the Isle of Man, so why look back? Let‟s keep a clear focus on our present-day strengths as a destination and aim to provide the best possible experience for visitors – from the minute they click on!”
30 June 2014