A new way to book luxury travel

One of the Isle of Man’s leading travel companies is offering a new facility to its clients – aimed at increasing their privacy when booking their personal holidays.

Richmond Travel now has the use of a private office facility at 14 Athol Street in Douglas, inside the corporate headquarters of its parent company, the Online Regional Travel Group. Clients can, by appointment, arrange to meet the company’s Branch Manager, Luisa Crabtree, to discuss and book their travel plans in confidence instead of at her Duke Street shop.

The service has been launched after staff at Richmond Travel became aware that a number of Island residents have been choosing to book their arrangements online or instead use a UK-based agent because they felt uncomfortable discussing their plans or their level of intended spend sat inside a traditional travel agent’s shop. The new private office facility is discreet and not accessible to the general public.

It is already proving popular with Manx residents, as Luisa Crabtree explains: “Whilst the traditional travel agent’s shop is generally still a very popular place to do business, we know that some locals simply will not visit us purely because they want to arrange their holidays in confidence and not have other people hearing or talking about their travel plans. Some of them won’t even set foot through the door to pick up a brochure. In addition, another factor preventing them from coming to see us is that they don’t want anyone else to overhear how much their trips cost.

“Some people choose to invest a lot of money into their holidays and wish to deal with their purchase in the same way they would that of a new car or house – in a private office and away from public view. Our new facility on Athol Street allows them to do just that. We have had a number of people approach us about this already, and indeed book their future travel plans in this way.

“Richmond Travel is committed to listening to its clients and to meeting their needs in any way we can.”

To make an appointment to meet with Luisa Crabtree at Richmond Travel’s private office facility on Athol Street, please call (01624) 654650 or email
6 March 2014