Online Assistance

The Online Help facility is available to registered users of the ORTG e-Travel website

If you are experiencing difficulty booking, call our support line on 01481 201 606 and we will provide you with a pin code to enable us to view your booking screen and assist in your booking completion.

In order for us to view your screen, you will be invited to run an application that can be removed from your system once the remote support has ended.

For further instructions on installing the support Applet, see below.

2: You will then see a dialog box asking you to download the support-logmeinrescue.exe applet. Click 'Run' to download the applet. The download should take about 15 to 30 seconds

3. Once the applet has downloaded, if prompted, click Run again to launch the support tool

The support staff will now be able to see your desktop for assistance.

Customers can choose to terminate the session at any time.

All traces of the Customer Applet disappear from the remote PC when the session is finished

For further information on Logmeinrescue please go to :